Problems With Understanding Guys

Every girl has them at some point in their life, myself included. But for me – it’s different. My way of thinking a guy likes me or figuring out is blindly guessing, which is 99.9% of the time.

“He likes me, he likes me not. He likes me, he likes me not.”

That is literally my thought process most of the time, and I hope that I am not alone. I could sit all day wondering if a guy is even mildly interested. At first low self-confidence kicks in – “Why would he like me anyways if he does? I’m boring and have 20 extra pounds on me, yadda yadda.” Then after that, it’s sensing his movements. This is usually done by me keeping an eye on them when I am around them at almost all times, mostlikely looking like a tiger on the prowl, or something (I’ll admit I don’t look that cool.) Half the time they don’t notice, and i’ll probably be noticing everything they do. “He just adjusted his shirt. Okay, now he’s running his hands through his hair.” It never goes past sensing movements though.

Why you ask?

Because Mae is a big-ass pansy who refuses to make a move.

Maybe this is sprouted from insecurity? Maybe it’s from fear of rejection (which is pretty much the same thing)? I have no clue. Probably both. But hey! I’ve been working on my confidence lately, trying out small stuff before I dive into the whole thing.

One thing I want to get across in this post is my lack of – you guessed it – understanding guys.

This is how badly I understand them with my poor inner monologue:

“He’s looked at me like, 10 times within the past 2 minutes. Watson, I must be onto something.”

That whole thing pretty much sums me up. But yet, I have a knack for figuring out who likes who, and figuring out other peoples relationship problems and that sorta stuff. So if you need help? You can try emailing me, chica.

The girl who is horribly ignorant when it comes to men,





2 thoughts on “Problems With Understanding Guys

  1. I would like to comment on some of the things that you mentioned in this post Mae, but I will not comment on those things because of cautiousness ;) ; but I will say that you have a nice/creative/entertaining writing style, and I like how you double-space because it makes it easier to read your posts :) . (But I do have a very hard time reading your posts because of your background image :( , but the image does look nice :D ).

    Keep up the good work Mae and good luck with your blog,
    -John Jr

    • Thank you! I try, I really do x) I’m still working on the look of my blog, and it will hopefully become more “readable” (if that’s a word?) and possibly i’ll figure out how to change some of the text colors!

      Thanks for your magnificent feedback,

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